Ethereum Is Being USED For Digital IDs & Virus Tracking!

The FUTURE will be ruled by digital IDs and virus information aka an immunity passport! We have 100% Proof this is being built on Ethereum & The Baseline Protoco!. This research has taken some time, but it is clear as DAY now, that Ethereum and it’s developers are being used for a dark future controlled by one Corporation: MICROSOFT!

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⏰ Time Stamps ⏰
00:08 Intro-Warming You Up to RAGE!
01:09 Digging Deeper into the Coming Digital ID
01:34 Digital Asset & Blythe Masters
02:11 Still the CEO & Involved!?
03:32 Digital Asset Buys Hyperledger
04:08 Connecting Back to the Baseline Protocol & Unibright
04:47 Unibright & Digital Asset & DAML
05:24 Baseline Protocol & Digital IDs
06:15 Baseline GitHub Looking For Virus Tracking
07:07 Proving Immunity to go to Coachella or Public Concerts?
08:21 Connections Back to Decentralized Identities DIDs
09:00 Rouven Heck & Digital Identity Foundation DIF
09:50 Who Contracted this Work From Baseline? The SSC
10:45 The Companies From the SSC: Consensys Health & Kaiser Permanente
11:12 Consensys Health and Virus Hackathon w/ Vitalik As Judge!
12:00 Kaiser Permanente Providing the Prize!
12:21 Kaiser & John Wolpert Close?
12:42 Spokes in the Wheels of Control
13:20 Outro

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42 thoughts on “Ethereum Is Being USED For Digital IDs & Virus Tracking!

  1. That example about the concert is only one instance where the immunity passport will be required. Think airlines, shopping centers, DMV's, restaurants, your JOB (if you are lucky enough to have one) and on and on. So basically NO body leaves their house without proof of immunity / vaccination. We will be totally controlled.

  2. The baseline protocol main goal is to have digital ID's for everyone, but of course they can't sell it on that — so they are using SAP as a way to cover what there REAL intentions are and this is how they get people to build freely on Github — I think if most people contributing their work to Baseline knew the real intentions they would stop working. OLD Ring within Rings – everyone working on inidivual projects and the only people that really know the intention is those at the top like fucking Blyth Master who FYI is one fucking evil bitch. Blyth claim to fame is she is the one that came up with Credit Default Swaps – you know the thing that took down the financial markets in 2008.

  3. Pretty sure someone is helping him with all this stuff. If you stopped trying to constantly add 'flavor' to the way you speak, it would be a lot easier to follow. I still am a bit lots as to where the proof (evidence) was… Also, why do you keep tilting your head back soooo much? Trying to read a script with vari focal contacts?

  4. Looks like Ripple is also creating the ID chip to be tested on military, linked to XRP coin, and they're working with Gates, among all the the other big banks, IMF etc…

  5. Digital id's is happening…No matter what's happening on earth they are giving themselves a green light to manipulate and control the masses, however I do not feel they created a fake crises. Why would they jeopardize the global economy , when it could go south for everyone even their fortunes. Some say it's collaboration with the commies and allies. Really we are going to create a fake crises so that we have the risk of losing our super power status and chance of becoming a bitch for the commies while our economy collapses?

  6. Again and again it's very difficult to COMMUNICATE that this virus is not real but a worlwide hoax to bring in a universal medical and financial I'D the big LIE THAT PEOPLE CANNOT ADMIT THIS PANDEMIC AND VIRUS DOES NOT EXIST IN REALITY

  7. If I pulled any of the stunts bill gates gets away with the government would have an Oliver Stone type arrest someone would get major cudos for the great bust. Right. So either these are actors for our amusement or a trick to get us to hate someone.hate in your hearts way isn't that good

  8. This was always going to happen, regardless of COVID-19, the virus only sped it up. Their no conspiracy here, only evolution of technology which brings changes in society, which has been going on since the beginning of mankind!

  9. I wonder how the Georgia Guidestones plays into all off this? At the top of the list is to bring the population of the planet down to 500 million people. Sterilization through mass vaccination would do the trick.

  10. Well, as Digital ID following Covid-19 is one thing, the real deal would be to have those digital IDs in microchips that would be sealed one way or another into registered criminals' bodies, so their whereabouts can be available at all time. And, if they re-offend AGAIN and get easily caught thanks to the chip, then put them into self sufficient prisons where unpaid work would be mandatory to obtain food and sufficient resting hours. Oh yeah, and dig a 20m deep pit at one end of the yard, so they can throw themselves into it if they don't like it there. Future will be great!!

  11. The stock market and the Forex Market are not effected by the same conditions. The Forex Market cannot crash. The Stock Market relies on people & Businesses, which why in rare times such as these, it crashes. The Forex Market is not controlled by business, nor people, meaning it still and always will remain stable through times like this. And I've amassed about $365,000 in savings within 4 months of proper trading plan by a professional. Forex should be the Go

  12. That KPMG logo on the 10000 first prize sponsor looks exactly the same as KPMG International Cooperative (or simply KPMG) which iis a multinational professional services network, and one of the Big Four accounting organizations.

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